Quick and Efficient

A digitalized and automated batch release solution will help labs deliver medicines to the clients consistently, quickly, and efficiently.

Cost Effective

QP Check Software offers software solutions that will help your company streamline operations and Pharmaceutical product release to market faster and more cost efficiently.

Accelerate Batch Release

Make batch release and market-ship decisions faster, speeding time to market and reducing costs.

Real-time Collaboration

Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders with our real-time messaging and notification system. QPs can engage with team members, manufacturers, and Clients / Liveries directly within the platform.

Increase Accuracy & Efficiency

Automate data aggregation, reviews, and traceability to improve performance, accuracy and efficiency.

Streamlined Workflow

QP Check simplifies and accelerates the batch release process, allowing QPs to navigate through each step efficiently. From initial documentation review to final approval, our platform ensures a seamless workflow.

Comprehensive Documentation:

Gone are the days of sifting through piles of paperwork. QP Check centralizes all relevant documentation, making it easily accessible for review and approval. This not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and compliance.

Our Team

Venkatesh P



CEO & Founder

Anil Gadipudi

CFO & Co-Founder

Why to choose QP check?

Efficiency Redefined

QP Check is engineered to boost efficiency, allowing QPs to focus on critical decision-making rather than administrative tasks.

Customizable to your needs

Our platform is adaptable to the unique requirements of your pharmaceutical release process, ensuring a tailored fit for your Organization.

Scalable for Growth

Whether you're a small-scale operation or an industry giant, QP Check grows with you. Scale effortlessly without compromising performance.

Join US in Elevating Product release process

QP Check is more than a CRM; it's a strategic ally in your commitment to quality and compliance. Join us for a streamlined, efficient, and compliant batch release process. Explore the future of pharmaceutical release with QP check.


Welcome to QP Check, your comprehensive solution for optimizing the pharmaceutical product release process. In the highly regulated and dynamic pharmaceutical industry, efficient batch release is crucial for ensuring product quality and compliance with regulatory standards. QP Check is your trusted partner in navigating these complexities seamlessly.

Empowering QPs

At the heart of QP Check is the empowerment of Qualified Persons (QPs), the key decision-makers responsible for certifying the release of pharmaceutical batches. Our CRM platform is tailored to simplify and enhance the QP's workflow, providing a centralized hub for critical information, documentation, and communication.

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100% Data Security

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100% Compliance

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